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Apple Lover Tries Android: Part I



I have found myself in a rather peculiar position of late, I am now using an Android device – the Nexus 4 to be exact and I’m loving it. Now, for my friends this might be the part of the movie where we all get down on our knees and pray for the forgiveness for those dreadful sins we have committed, because “iRice” just admitted he likes Android. It’s not the end of the world just yet but heck prayer is good right. My dear friend and  DailyGeek partner Janique ka took time out from her busy schedule to create this “fitting” meme:


I sold my iPhone a few days ago. To be honest iOS continues to feel bland, unimaginative really within recent times. I look on with envy as Android progresses forward “graphically” and feature wise. Even the slow to everything Windows & Blackberry have found a way to become relevant again. I promised myself my next device would be a Blackberry OS 10 device but its seem like I would have to delay that jump.

Screenshot_2013-03-31-02-57-02The price of the Z10 just isn’t worth it. The OS is a huge jump but the hardware just isn’t up to snuff plus the App eco-system leaves much to be desired. The thought of shelling out that much cash escapes me. Next on my list of OSes to try was Windows phone 8 but I thought, I rarely kept a device for a extended period of time and no one will buy a Windows phone in the Caribbean. So Windows phone for now seemed like a wasted investment. The next option Android. The choice now came down to the device. I would never buy a Samsung device. Never Ever. I love HTC but I wanted something cheap and as close to the Android stock experience as possible, so the Nexus 4 was my best option.

Life with Android

Android has certainly come a long way since I owned the HTC one a few years ago. Everything just works and smoothly too, well on the OS end. My first frustration came in the form of the Google Play store, when I fired up the store I found myself trapped in a barrage of mostly irrelevant apps. Suspecting this must be due to my Caribbean IP address, I fired up my VPN client and browsed the play store from my PC. Since the Play store is set up so you can install apps directly to your device from your PC this solution worked perfectly. Cool Apps Checked.

Next step custom ROM. From my time spent reading the various tech blogs I am familiar with the process of rooting and installing custom ROMs. I know Cyanogenmod is one of the most respected ROM of the lot so I fired up YouTube and

Screenshot_2013-03-31-02-55-33then flashed CM10.1 on my device.

Next up, Franco Kernel. This kernel is known not for the boost in performance (Trinity Kernel is best for that) but the strides in battery life performance. In my book, battery life trumps blazing speeds any day. Now this kernel really gives your battery a huge boost. My device at this point is sitting at 42% after 8 hrs of on time. My device is a little tweaked thou, I set the CPU governor to conservative and reduced the maximum CPU frequency.

(Customization heaven)

Simple pleasures

The ability to customize almost every part of the system is a welcome change for this iOS user. Apple’s ideology, “it just works” sometimes gets a little too easy pushing on borderline boring. Fire up a live wallpaper and get mesmerized by the “awesomeness” that is Android then open an app only to see it stutter.

Up next, A review of the Nexus 4 and my in-dept review of Android.

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